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Addiction Treatment In Tennessee At Oasis River Recovery

Oasis River Recovery proudly offers addiction treatment in Tennessee to individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our drug & alcohol rehab center on the banks of the Ocoee River incorporates various evidence-based and holistic therapy methods to help clients find true wellness and lasting recovery.

Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

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Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

Oasis River Recovery was founded by individuals who personally relate to and understand the challenges and outcomes of substance abuse. Our individualized treatment plans focus on healing the entire person, mind, body, and soul. Our mixed-gender programs help men and women leave our addiction treatment center with lifelong healing skills, a supportive recovery community, and a clear path to sobriety.

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Why Our Tennessee Treatment Center Is Different

At Oasis River Recovery, we purposely keep a low number of clients per staff member. This way, we can focus on providing top-notch care and spend more time creating personalized treatment plans for each individual. Our goal is to ensure that every client receives the highest quality of care possible.

Clients can find support in a community of men and women working towards sobriety, empowering each other to achieve their shared goals. We follow an integral model that brings balance to clients' lives in an imbalanced world. This approach combines valuable perspectives from science, mindfulness, art, sociology, cultural anthropology, and therapeutic methods to provide practical and effective results.

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Individualized Care

Our recovery center and staff believe in providing individualized care tailored to your needs and desires. Whether you prefer holistic therapies or evidence-based treatments, we are here to support you on your journey to recovery. Our goal is to provide you with quality care that yields the best results for your life in recovery.

Effective Treatment

At Oasis River Recovery, we take a comprehensive approach to treatment, blending evidence-based therapies with holistic practices to address both the addiction and the individual as a whole. Unlike most treatment centers that follow a rigid treatment track without considering your unique history and circumstances, our programs are designed to be effective, compassionate, and tailored to work for you, ensuring your success in recovery.

Founded by Individuals in Recovery

At Oasis River Recovery, our founders have personally experienced addiction, undergone treatment, and now lead successful lives in recovery. Through their own journeys in receiving addiction treatment, they recognized the need for a compassionate and effective approach that was missing in standard program models. This realization inspired them to establish their own treatment center based on their firsthand knowledge of what truly works.


Our luxury addiction treatment center is on the serene banks of the Ocoee River in Ocoee, Tennessee. We provide comfortable and well-appointed accommodations, including semi-private rooms and inviting common areas. Our focus is on ensuring your comfort during your stay, with plush bedding, en-suite bathrooms, and high-quality furnishings to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Adventure & Excitement

Our substance abuse treatment program offers outdoor exploration, skill-building, and new insights through Adventure Therapy. Addiction often arises from seeking immediate relief from boredom or pain, leading to destructive behaviors. Adventure therapy helps individuals identify and manage triggers, using physical obstacles to cope with stress and find joy in life without substance abuse. Research shows that adventure therapy leads to reduced stress, increased self-awareness, and enhanced resilience. From brief getaways to multi-day hiking excursions, adventure therapy provides similar benefits to traditional therapy but in a fun and exciting environment.

A Recovery Program Designed to Promote Wellness

Oasis River Recovery strives to provide a unique recovery program unlike anything offered in the area. By incorporating evidence-based treatment, experiential therapy methods, and holistic healing modalities, we've created a program that blends into our location's natural beauty

Treatment Therapies At O.R.R.

Individual therapy is crucial in addiction recovery as it provides a safe and supportive space for individuals to process complex emotions and thoughts that arise during detox. These sessions help individuals explore their feelings, identify triggers, and develop healthy coping skills.

Participating in group therapy allows clients to share their experiences and emotions while listening to others. This fosters self-acceptance, combats isolation, and shame commonly associated with substance use disorders, and creates a supportive community.

Art therapy taps into the natural creativity of individuals in recovery, using various mediums like visual art, music, writing, or sculpting. It provides a safe outlet for self-expression and helps individuals address substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Addressing addiction's underlying emotional, psychological, and social issues often requires more than traditional talk therapy. Experiential therapy offers hands-on, nonverbal, and creative experiences to reinforce emotional expression and healing.

Adventure Therapy combines outdoor activities like hiking or whitewater rafting with therapeutic techniques to help individuals overcome obstacles and promote mental and emotional healing through physical exertion.

I.F.S. Therapy examines the conflicts among different "family members" within an individual's mind, exploring how these conflicts contribute to addiction and substance abuse.

Person-Centered Therapy focuses on self-examination, self-identity, and fostering a positive self-image. It empowers individuals to overcome addiction and achieve recovery.

Trauma-Informed Yoga addresses past traumatic events, alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression that can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

A.R.T. utilizes rapid eye movements and image visualization to alleviate stress symptoms and traumatic memories that can contribute to mental health disorders, drug addiction, and substance abuse.

Healing Modalities At O.R.R.

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If you or a loved one could benefit from our addiction treatment program, take the first step and contact Oasis River Recovery. Our dedicated behavioral healthcare team is here to support individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. We'll work with you to identify your specific needs and mental health challenges and create a personalized treatment plan, which may include art therapy, group therapy, or cognitive behavioral therapy.

You don't have to go through recovery alone. After your time at our inpatient or outpatient treatment center, we'll continue to support you with structured relapse prevention and aftercare plans. Oasis River Recovery’s goal is to help you on your journey to recovery and build a happier, healthier life.