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Vernetta received her Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Western Carolina University, and she also holds a MA in History and a BA in Theatre Arts. She is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and uses ACT to help clients decrease their suffering and move in the direction of their values. She is passionate about the effectiveness of Experiential Therapy, and has witnessed clients accessing their underlying issues with the aid of creative approaches. She believes in the power and influence of the group process and its ability to propel clients into committed action through the solace of connection. Vernetta is also a HeathRhythms drumming facilitator and enjoys empowering clients to express themselves through rhythm.

Vern Eleazer

Clinical Director

My name is Mike, and my story began when I was a client at Oasis Recovery in Asheville, NC. I was broken and didn’t even recognize the man in the mirror. Oasis showed me how to feel comfortable in my own skin again. I met great people along the way who are now mentors and true friends, something I have always been looking for. My career began when I had enough time under my belt and helped build Knoxville Recovery Center in Knoxville, TN. The next job I had eyes on when I was a client was behavioral health technician. My techs at Oasis really showed me how to be accountable and consistent. My director at the time noticed that I go above and beyond for clients and wanted me to move into case management. I volunteered to take the opportunity but felt scared for the first time in my recovery journey. Case Management was the hardest but most rewarding job. I didn't want to let anyone down for any reason. I always wanted to help people but never knew how until Oasis Recovery. When Jon Wood asked me to be the Operations Director at Oasis River Recovery in TN, I was filled with gratitude and joy. Jon had faith and trust in me, and I finally got the chance to prove that I wasn't broken and was confident in who I was. Today, I get to help amazing people in recovery and have joy, passion, and purpose.

Mike Wilson

Operations Director

My name is Graham Tolbert and I am the Program Director of Oasis River Recovery. I have a passion for working with people suffering from addiction and providing an engaging atmosphere for meaningful and dynamic treatment experiences. The thing I love most about working in addiction treatment is showing people what their Recovery truly means!

Graham Tolbert

Program Director / Adventure Coordinator

I've been working in mental health in some capacity since 2017. Once my role shifted to that of a Primary Therapist, working in a substance use treatment program was my choice. Not only are the people we work with kind, but they are genuine in ways that help me learn and grow as well. I find that the root of most struggles, especially substance use, boils down to unhealed trauma. It is my pleasure and honor to serve those who come through our program to dismantle those old stories and begin to write a new tale for themselves.

Mariah Beem

Primary Therapist

Hey, I'm Kendra. I am a Primary Therapist at ORR with a background in fine art. I combine art and therapy to help clients bypass their thinking brain to express themselves in new and creative ways while in treatment. I love working in addiction recovery because it's always an adventure! I have met some of the best people with the biggest hearts and it is amazing to watch people grow and heal on this beautiful land here in Ocoee, TN. There are few people in this world who are not touched by the ripples of addiction, and working in recovery is my way of honoring those that have gone before us to this insidious disease. Peace and love!

Kendra Hamman

Primary Therapist

Hey everybody, I'm Bella! I'm the case manager at Oasis River Recovery. I'm in recovery, and my clean date is 12/21/2021. I was previously a client at our sister facility, Oasis Recovery Center in Asheville, and it saved me. Since getting clean, I have found my joy, passion, and purpose again. Everyday I get to help people who have walked a similar path in life as I have. Recovery has been a beautiful ongoing journey with its ups and downs. Getting clean has shown me that life has so much to offer and I want to share that experience while helping others!

Isabella Ustica

Case Manager

Hi, My name is Julie and I am a Primary Therapist here at ORR. I absolutely love working in the field of addiction because I’ve been where most people seeking treatment have been. I currently have over 18 years clean and sober and have a passion for helping people.

Julie Hook

Primary Therapist

My name is Mike R. and I am passionate about my role in substance abuse treatment and addiction intervention. I have made it my life’s work intervening on the behalf of those struggling with the effects of addiction in their lives. In essence, it is my professional purpose.

Mike Ream

Primary Therapist

My name is Jennifer Bunn and I am the nurse practitioner at Oasis River Recovery. I have been practicing family medicine for the past 24 years. I recently became certified as a QHHT hypnosis practitioner and I am currently pursuing a certification in Compassionate Inquiry as taught by Dr. Gabor Mate. I work in addiction treatment because I want to live a life of purpose by spreading love and light, helping others live a more conscious and productive life free of substances.

Jennifer Bunn

Nurse Practitioner

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