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Therapeutic recreation is a systematic process that utilizes recreation and other activity-based interventions to address needs of individuals with illnesses and/or disabling conditions as a means to psychological and physical health, recovery, and well being.

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Adventure Therapy Starts With You

Addiction treatment isn’t exclusive to couches and chairs. Our adventure therapy program focuses on mental health, substance abuse, addiction treatment, and more. At Oasis River Recovery, we utilize experiential therapeutic activities ranging from whitewater rafting to rock climbing to promote self-healing. Contact us to get started!

Where Adventure Meets Healing
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Why Does Oasis River Recovery Offer Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy takes its roots in the wilderness therapy movement of the 1960s and has been adopted as a form of experiential therapy by recovery centers worldwide. We offer adventure therapy to give our patients a higher self-awareness using the extraordinary world around them. Thanks to Oasis River Recovery’s location, we are blessed with a wide range of nearby outdoor and physical experiences. Although one-on-one therapy is a vital part of treatment, we’ve tapped into the holistic experience of using outdoor activities to help our patients with mindfulness, social skills, and self-esteem.

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What Does Adventure & Experiential Therapy Involve?

You’ll work together with a team to overcome physical strengths while incorporating the emotional and problem-solving aspects of active learning. The range and types of experiences provided by the adventure therapy program are broad and personalized to your special interests and needs. Some of our most popular adventure activities include whitewater rafting, rock climbing, rope courses, hiking, cycling, and more.

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A Recovery Program Designed to Promote Wellness

Oasis River Recovery strives to provide a unique recovery program unlike anything offered in the area. By incorporating evidence-based treatment, experiential therapy methods, and holistic healing modalities, we've created a program that blends into our location's natural beauty

Benefits Of Adventure Therapy For Addiction

Outdoor experiences and physical activities can be seen as a means of transformation. Over time, alcohol addictions, substance abuse disorders, and mental health issues can disconnect us from our inner strengths and personal resources. The adventure therapy treatment program can help rebuild your self-esteem and self-reliance, creating a happy and sensory-rich life.

While out on group expeditions, we use each moment to discuss how these activities help by using muscle movement to change thoughts and rewire cognitive brain functions. New activities can give expedition members hope on how to have fun while sober and overcome struggles using the same skills used to overcome physical obstacles. Based on your needs, adventure therapy can be a mental health, recovery, or addiction treatment program.

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If you have any questions about adventure therapy, experiential therapy, or our other addiction treatment plans, reach out to Oasis River Recovery today. You don’t have to struggle with addictions alone, and adventure therapy can be just the tool you need. We are dedicated to supporting people with a safe and expressive environment where they can overcome addictions and lead healthier, happier lives.