How long does it take to withdraw from kratom?

photo of kratom leaves, powder, and bowl with kratom capsules. Users of kratom may wonder "How long does it take to withdraw from kratom?"

Are you one of the two million people who have used kratom in the past year? Are you wondering “How long does it take to withdraw from kratom?” The newness of the kratom phenomenon can make finding information about side effects difficult. However, the seriousness of this substance should not be underestimated just because kratom […]

Art Therapy for Addiction

a man drawing and a woman watches him

Using art to heal has been around for millennia, the evidence of which can be found in many traditions and cultures worldwide. Creative expression can be a helpful form of therapy. Through art, clients explore and change feelings, emotions, and behaviors. Art therapy for addiction helps clients uncover underlying issues that may contribute to substance […]

Coping Skills for Relapse Prevention

highway sign that says "Coping Strategies: Next Exit". This blog covers Coping Skills for Relapse Prevention

Recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction isn’t a one-and-done thing. Many people in recovery will relapse. It’s a nearly universal part of the recovery process. Relapse means using again after a period of sobriety. Up to 60 percent of people who are in recovery eventually relapse. Planning for relapse is important during recovery. You […]

What is Considered Heavy Use of Cocaine?

man looking sad with lines of on a table cocaine

Cocaine is an extremely addictive drug that is snorted, smoked, or injected. In the short term, it causes intense euphoria, as well as increases in energy and alertness. However frequent, heavy cocaine use can cause a number of negative impacts on one’s health. Heavy use of cocaine can lead to stroke, heart attack, and coma. […]

Holistic Trauma Therapy for Substance Use Disorder

A woman talking with a therapist

Holistic trauma therapy is increasingly being used to help people who are struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). By looking at habits and behaviors through the lens of trauma, care providers and their clients are able to explore underlying beliefs and motivations that are contributing to unhealthy living. If you’re someone who is just starting […]