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Women's Rehab Program In Tennessee At Oasis River Recovery

Oasis River Recovery understands the importance of addressing substance abuse and mental health disorders in women, which is why all of our treatment plans incorporate gender-sensitive approaches and holistic healing modalities.

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Women’s Rehab Program In Tennessee

Our addiction treatment program includes various therapy methods and healing modalities that help women process and manage addictive behaviors and traumatic experiences. Clients will learn new coping skills and form a supportive community dedicated to achieving lifelong sobriety.

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Why Our Tennessee Women's Rehab Program Is Different

Our addiction treatment program in Tennessee helps women, men, and non-binary individuals overcome substance abuse and mental health disorders. We've built this treatment program to provide individuals with a secure, therapeutic, and fun environment so they can focus on their recovery without feeling marginalized or discriminated against. Our staff is trained to recognize and address the distinct challenges that women face during their recovery and the gender-specific trauma and mental health disorders that lead to drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

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Why Rehab For Women Is Important

The National Institute on Drug Abuse found that women who develop substance abuse problems face greater severity of health-related problems and are less likely to seek specialized addiction treatment than men. Biological sex and gender roles can create stigma toward women seeking behavioral health or substance abuse treatment, making their recovery process longer and harder.

Our mixed-gender rehab program was designed to break down stigma, allowing women to fully immerse themselves in their recovery process without distractions or socially-imposed gender expectations. With 24/7 staff and resources, we provide compassionate, non-judgmental, and complete support to all of our clients. Our treatment center is located on the banks of the Ocoee River, surrounded by woods, rivers, mountains, streams, and other women on the same recovery journey.

women's rehab program

Treatment Options Within Our Women's Rehab Program

Our residential treatment center combines theory, research, and clinical findings to provide evidence-based and holistic therapies to all our clients. Some of our therapy processes include:

Adventure Therapy

combines outdoor physical activities like whitewater rafting or hiking and healing modalities to teach individuals how to overcome mental and physical roadblocks.

Internal Family Systems Therapy

explores sub-personalities or family members within each person's mental system, identifying how their inner conflict can lead to addictive behaviors and substance abuse.

Person-Centered Therapy

helps individuals explore their identities, accept themselves, build self-esteem, and feel confident they can get through addiction recovery.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

targets traumatic experiences to decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, reducing the need to cope with alcohol, over-the-counter prescriptions, or street drugs.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

is similar to accelerated resolution therapy, except individuals are encouraged to say whatever comes to mind as they visualize a memory.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

uses rapid eye movement and image visualization to help reduce the symptoms of stress, distressful memories, and other forms of trauma that can lead to addiction and substance abuse.

Some of our healing modalities include:

Trauma-Informed Care

takes traumatic experiences into consideration while addressing substance use disorders and how they develop.

Attachment Theory

explores insecure attachment styles to reduce unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drug addiction and form secure and healthy relationships.


includes individual and group therapy, helping people with a broad variety of mental health disorders and emotional difficulties.

Relational-Cultural Theory

explores how unavailable, unresponsive, cultural, and gender-based past relationships can be stored as mental images that shape our current relationships, create unrealistic expectations, and lead to addictions.

A Recovery Program Designed to Promote Wellness

Oasis River Recovery strives to provide a unique recovery program unlike anything offered in the area. By incorporating evidence-based treatment, experiential therapy methods, and holistic healing modalities, we've created a program that blends into our location's natural beauty

Why Oasis River Recovery Values Women’s Needs

In the past, women were often left out of scientific research and studies because of the assumption they were more biologically complex than men and too occupied with childcare to participate. This restrictive approach to research had limited scientific findings to only a portion of the population.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other government agencies took steps to promote the inclusion of women in clinical research, recognizing the importance of studying sex and gender-related public healthcare. Here's what recent research shows how addiction specifically affects women.

Why Oasis River Recovery Values Women’s Needs
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If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or a co-occurring disorder, reach out to Oasis River Recovery. Our recovery center and treatment staff are dedicated to helping women and men on their journey to sobriety and wellness. We provide all the tools you need at our gender-inclusive inpatient treatment facility, including a safe place to detox, individual therapy, case management, and group therapy. We also take pride in our aftercare resources, helping you stick to your relapse prevention plan with outpatient treatment, transitional or sober living, and supportive community services. Call today and find out why Oasis River Recovery is right for you.